BOGA Leadership

Board Members

While we try to make the focus of every BOGA event to be having fun playing board games with friends, the non-fun work still has to get done for the group. The 5 Permanent Board Members and 4 Annually-Elected Board Members comprise the Board of Directors charged with managing BOGA.

Permanent Board Members

Grant Alberts

Board Member

Brendan Enrick

Vice President

Philip Migas


Craig Palenshus

Board Member

Cynthia Tuck


Elected 2017 Board Members

Amber Ables

Board Member

Michelle Hoversten

Board Member

Dina Morgan


Bill Tennant

Board Member

Previous Year Board Members

BOGA will miss and greatly appreciates the efforts of our past leaders who helped shape BOGA into the great organization it is today. Thank you for all of your efforts, ideas, and support over your service to BOGA. We look forward to continue working with you in the future.

Traci Eckman

2015, 2016

Shayne Gray

2015, 2016

Supporters and Volunteers

BOGA has had strong support from many people over the years we've been meeting! We want to take a moment and thank all of you for your support! In addition, we are specifically thanking the following members who've gone above and beyond supporting the group!

Supporters and Volunteers

Ben Eckman

Volunteer 2010-2015

Steve Krumpoch

Volunteer 2015-2017

Hawk Denunzio

Volunteer 2016-2017