Boardgamers of Greater Akron

Play a game. Learn a game. Meet fun people!

A Family-Friendly Board Game Club

18519933_10105576048441254_7178840707970905572_nIt’s about having fun

Do you love to play board games?  Or you don’t play now but would love to learn a game?  Then come join BOGA each month.  We are a diverse group of people (including college students, young professional, retirees, and all generations of family members) with one thing in common: our interest and love of board games.

Photograph of the Patterson Park EntranceWe meet twice every month

We meet twice a month, every month*.  Each month we meet the second Friday from 4:00 pm to 9:59 pm and the fourth Saturday from 10:00 am to 9:59 pm.  The only exception is when a BOGA day falls on a major federal holiday: New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Veterans Day, etc.

18485850_10105576048226684_6444332000227982238_nPlenty of space to play

Our meeting space can accommodate over 100 people! With typical attendance around 50 people, you’re guaranteed to find a game you want to play and plenty of table space to play it.

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Everyone Is Welcome To Join Us!

We would love to have you join us.  Events are open to everyone. Kids 14 and under are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

Attendance is currently free! We’ve always worked to keep the event as inexpensive as we can, keeping the organizations costs limited.

If you love the group and want to help support it, you can become an annual member for $10, which will get you a lanyard with your name on it for the events, makes you eligible for prizes (when we have them), provides voting rights for elections, and is a requirement for eligibility to run for a position on the leadership board.

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